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ColorSchemer Studio 2.1

It is a tool that enables you to create professional color schemes
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ColorSchemer Studio is a professional graphic tool that may prove useful in a wide array of fields, from photo editing and web design to publishing business and scientific simulations. Its main purpose is to help you create appealing color schemes, but it also includes a large number of tools that will help you mix colors, test various color palettes, etc. The application runs well on almost all popular Windows versions.

I was really impressed by ColorSchemer Studio. At first sight, it might seem quite overwhelming especially if you’re not used to working with color palettes. But I easily managed to understand the functionality of this application. Its graphical user interface is very nicely organized. The main window has various panels and toolbars intended for different purposes. For example you can use the “Spectrum” tab to select different colors, which you can mix afterward in the mixing section. Once you’re happy with the result, you can easily move the resulting color to your favorites. You will get the color code that you can use in your webpage design.

ColorSchemer Studio also gives you access to a large number of color schemes from an online database. I strongly recommend this application; it looks professional and delivers what it promises.

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows you to download color schemes from a large online database
  • Fair price
  • Includes a "color blindness" simulation tool


  • No disadvantages found
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